so here we are..

day 7- 28|

hey hey,

so i kind of disappeared. December was a really hard month. there’s been a lot of ups and downs (more downs than ups) that i have been navigating through. i had to relearn that even though good and bad times are temporary, it’s ok to not be ok in the now. so i have been trying to give myself the space to not be ok, hence my disappearance (i didn’t want to be here complaining everyday). it’s always interesting how old lessons make their way back into the present.

it is December so of course all the cheeriness wasn’t exactly the best when all the turmoil was going on. i completely understand why the Grinch wasn’t about it. i have never been so over Christmas music as i was by December 2nd (it was bad).

as i have gotten older, i have a deeper appreciation for my family. being able to be around my family for the holidays was exactly what i needed. there was so much love that i didn’t realize how much i needed to be around. we spent the day cooking, eating and laughing all in our PJs.

i’m trying to finish the year strong, whatever that means. this was such a hard post to write.

until next time,



why can’t we have nice things?: a Game of Thrones rant

|day 6|

edit: i furiously wrote this when GOT season 7 finale aired and was heated but never posted. i have been excited following all my favorite GOT/ASOIAF blogs on everything season 8 so i had to post. enjoy

on Sunday August 27th, the season 7 finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones premiered. after seasons of war, the viewers finally see the major players in the game of thrones finally meet and come together against the Night King and the army of the dead. we see Dany and Jon get it popping, Littlefinger meets his end, Viserion (RIP, my guy) gets the army of the dead past the wall, Samwell takes credit for Gilly’s discovery and Theon finally steps up. lots of explosive discoveries and as usual twists and turns, cool.

but ya girl couldn’t get past one little detail. so in a very well placed scene of Bran and Samwell’s conversation about Rheagar and Lyanna’s love while Jon and Dany finally bump skins, Sam reveals that Jon is legitimate because his parents got married. Bran in turn, reveals that Jon’s real name is Aegon. Aegon Targaryen. AEGON TARGARYEN. either Rheagar (the real Rheagar not the one they presented to us with that horrid wig) is even messier than we all thought or Dan and David thought we wouldn’t notice. either way, i want to fight. allow me to go full nerd.

now, if we remember or not, Rheagar was married to Elia Martell of Dorne (sister to one of my favorite characters, Oberyn (RIP my guy). anyway they were married and had two children who in the show meet an unfortunate ending (in the books, the little boy lives thanks to Varys’ sneaky ways). cool. now in the books, Dany has a vision of her brother, while in the house of the undying, talking about the Prince who was promised would come through his lineage. In this vision, Dany doesn’t know what Rheagar is talking about or who he is talking to but notes that he looked like Viserys.  Now if he was talking to Lyanna, it makes sense because fire and ice. so with little Aegon from poor Elia Martell, who’s only crime was loving Rheagar, why in the name of the old gods and the new would Rheagar go off and name his child with Lyanna, Aegon. why!? he didn’t add any surname, let’s not act like he couldn’t call the kid some other Targaryen name and keep it pushing. i’m still waiting on answers from GRRM because Dan and David have been remixing GOT since season 2 and i am sick of it. They have written off entire characters, plots and regions (quick shoutout to the Summer Isles and actual Dorne) but this is tew much.

luckily it’s not coming back until 2019 and while i will be perched and ready to be stressed out, i am patiently waiting on GRRM to answer all my questions because Dan and David won’t.

also i’m not satisfied with the actor they chose to play Rheagar, (hence the featured image) he was supposed to be beautiful with gorgeous hair and a constant solemn look on his face. homie’s wig was all wrong, he didn’t look like he was in constant deep thought. A whole war started because he choose Lyanna, at least let his portrayal be a complete baddie 

until next time, 



|day 4|

i struggled with this one.

i was raised in a Seventh-Day Adventist Christian home, super duper religious. i was in Adventurers, in Pathfinders (like boys/girls scouts), i was in the choir, in all the youth groups. if i wasn’t around family, i was with church folk. ya girl was there and all this time i felt this huge disconnect. i remember always feeling like i could never measure up to the idea of God or religion that i was taught to believe in. i always felt like i constantly fell short, that i wasn’t holy enough, that i just wasn’t doing enough to be considered a good Christian. in addition, i always had questions with answers that never quite made sense. i remember being 15 and asking a one of the elders a question during sabbath school and he didn’t have an answer. now i understand that not everyone knows everything, but at that moment, i just felt very unsatisfied. from then on, i started expecting less as my curiosity grew.

as i have grown older, so has my frustration towards the religion i grew up in. I have stopped asking questions because it tends to get side looks or worse it gets chalked up to being a wayward youth who will soon see the light again. i resent that with a passion actually. why can’t my questions and concerns be valid? why can’t i have the room to explore? can i ever get that or is that too much to ask for?

needless to say, i don’t really go to church as much as i used to now that i’m older (also other factors here). this is a topic i tend to avoid talking about because i already know i’ll be considered to be ‘out in the world’.

there’s so much i can say about this and i always feel like i can’t have this conversation with others and feel heard.

anyway, i hope your Monday went well.

until next time, Nneoma

a story about Jason

|day 3|

you ever remember random people you’ve crossed paths with? not necessarily someone you’ve had any personal relationship to but someone you’ve shared space with. today i thought of Jason.

Jason is probably one of the smartest person i have ever met. he was in my 6th grade after-care class (shoutout to everyone that was in aftercare because your parents were too paranoid to let you stay home alone after school). he was 3 years older than i was and had this energy about him that i was always so fascinated by. Jason had autism and usually stayed to himself for the most part. that was unless he was talking about geography or history.

he would get to talking about geography to the aftercare teacher and could go on and on. he would describe the region’s history, the weather, the people..basically he was a sponge and would tell all he knew. he would also draw out a picture of the region or write out the facts on the chalkboard (of course after he finished all his homework). i remember how detailed he would get, often referring to one of his many books as he would write. he would really quiet and pensive, making sure each and every detail was right. afterwards, he would tell the teacher (and anyone else listening) all about this specific region or peoples. by this time, we usually were all done with our homework’s and ready for our daily free time (usually spent outside or at in the gym), his entire side of the the chalkboard would be covered in his writing. sometimes he would leave the board until the next day, other times he would wipe the board clean for the next day, ready for the next day.

i always liked reading to all the facts and tidbits he wrote. i hope life is treating him well wherever he is.

until next time, 


let’s get physical!

hello and welcome to ‘Don’t Stop December’ ..a bit late, i knocked out mid typing yesterday. i’ll spend each day in December posting. so here we go!

|day 2 |

*cue Michael Scott and Holly singing a poor rendition of ‘let’s get physical’ *

so for the past year and some change , i have been on a health journey. this all started when i saw a picture of myself NYE 2015. i had a simple sleeveless dress on, no frills no wow factor. i saw that picture and was horrified, my friends looked gorgeous but i looked so bleh. i just lost my first full time job, had a very emotionally charged break up and i finished undergrad. I WAS SKRESSED and not taking care of myself at all. so began my gym chronicles, i got a trainer. i figured if i was paying i have to get my monies worth. i wasn’t as challenged at all and decided to go solo. my sister joined me and we upped our workouts to 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours each workout. i mostly weight-lift for about 40 or so minutes along with 30 minutes or so of cardio and the changes were immediate. i was a lot leaner, i had a lot more energy and i felt overall really good.


almost a year later, i have fallen into a bit of a rut. i decided to try changing my diet to see what changes, if any. i cut dairy out of my diet and started drinking about 3 liters of water per day and lost 7 Ibs in 2 and a half weeks. since then, i have been toying with the idea of switching to a plant-based diet (i also watched what the health) just to see what changes it’ll bring about. i started cutting out meat from most of my meals prior to thanksgiving then thanksgiving happened and i ended up inhaling food like i haven’t been around food in years.  it’s really difficult to stay disciplined (food wise) when you’re not the one controlling the groceries.

i’m trying to change up my fitness routine as well, finally try pilates maybe get on some soul cycle. i’ll be sure to keep you all update.

if anyone has any advice, please feel free to share (especially about transitioning to plant based)

until next time,