let’s get physical!

hello and welcome to ‘Don’t Stop December’ ..a bit late, i knocked out mid typing yesterday. i’ll spend each day in December posting. so here we go!

|day 2 |

*cue Michael Scott and Holly singing a poor rendition of ‘let’s get physical’ *

so for the past year and some change , i have been on a health journey. this all started when i saw a picture of myself NYE 2015. i had a simple sleeveless dress on, no frills no wow factor. i saw that picture and was horrified, my friends looked gorgeous but i looked so bleh. i just lost my first full time job, had a very emotionally charged break up and i finished undergrad. I WAS SKRESSED and not taking care of myself at all. so began my gym chronicles, i got a trainer. i figured if i was paying i have to get my monies worth. i wasn’t as challenged at all and decided to go solo. my sister joined me and we upped our workouts to 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours each workout. i mostly weight-lift for about 40 or so minutes along with 30 minutes or so of cardio and the changes were immediate. i was a lot leaner, i had a lot more energy and i felt overall really good.


almost a year later, i have fallen into a bit of a rut. i decided to try changing my diet to see what changes, if any. i cut dairy out of my diet and started drinking about 3 liters of water per day and lost 7 Ibs in 2 and a half weeks. since then, i have been toying with the idea of switching to a plant-based diet (i also watched what the health) just to see what changes it’ll bring about. i started cutting out meat from most of my meals prior to thanksgiving then thanksgiving happened and i ended up inhaling food like i haven’t been around food in years.  it’s really difficult to stay disciplined (food wise) when you’re not the one controlling the groceries.

i’m trying to change up my fitness routine as well, finally try pilates maybe get on some soul cycle. i’ll be sure to keep you all update.

if anyone has any advice, please feel free to share (especially about transitioning to plant based)

until next time,



4 thoughts on “let’s get physical!

    1. unfortunately i’m allergic to almond and soy milk. i haven’t tried coconut milk yet. i legit cut everything milk from my diet just to see how my body will react

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      1. Hi. Be careful with the saturated fat content in coconut milk if you are looking for a milk alternative. Some say rice milk is a good option and I’ll give it a try once I start exercising because rn all those carbs with all the muscle I DON’T have is just asking for insulin problems. In the meantime I’m looking into organic goats milk since I’m allergic to nuts, soy, and cow’s milk. I need calcium though!

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      2. thank you! i haven’t tried rice milk before but i’ll definitely try that. let me know if you’re able to find another alternative i could try


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