let’s get physical!

hello and welcome to ‘Don’t Stop December’ ..a bit late, i knocked out mid typing yesterday. i’ll spend each day in December posting. so here we go!

|day 2 |

*cue Michael Scott and Holly singing a poor rendition of ‘let’s get physical’ *

so for the past year and some change , i have been on a health journey. this all started when i saw a picture of myself NYE 2015. i had a simple sleeveless dress on, no frills no wow factor. i saw that picture and was horrified, my friends looked gorgeous but i looked so bleh. i just lost my first full time job, had a very emotionally charged break up and i finished undergrad. I WAS SKRESSED and not taking care of myself at all. so began my gym chronicles, i got a trainer. i figured if i was paying i have to get my monies worth. i wasn’t as challenged at all and decided to go solo. my sister joined me and we upped our workouts to 1 1/2 hours – 2 hours each workout. i mostly weight-lift for about 40 or so minutes along with 30 minutes or so of cardio and the changes were immediate. i was a lot leaner, i had a lot more energy and i felt overall really good.

almost a year later, i have fallen into a bit of a rut. i decided to try changing my diet to see what changes, if any. i cut dairy out of my diet and started drinking about 3 liters of water per day and lost 7 Ibs in 2 and a half weeks. since then, i have been toying with the idea of switching to a plant-based diet (i also watched what the health) just to see what changes it’ll bring about. i started cutting out meat from most of my meals prior to thanksgiving then thanksgiving happened and i ended up inhaling food like i haven’t been around food in years.  it’s really difficult to stay disciplined (food wise) when you’re not the one controlling the groceries.

i’m trying to change up my fitness routine as well, finally try pilates maybe get on some soul cycle. i’ll be sure to keep you all update.

if anyone has any advice, please feel free to share (especially about transitioning to plant based)

until next time,


let’s get physical!

welcome to frustration nation, population: 1

one of my favorite bloggers, Breanna from Where She Begins says that part of adulting is doing things you don’t want to do, i’ll add to that, adulting is doing things you don’t want to do and adapting anyway. my contract position didn’t work out. The word frustration doesn’t describe how i feel, but here i am, attempting to adapt and be on my big girl.

well there was an attempt made today…

you ever walk into something and just know its not for you. that was today. i walked into this office and immediately felt off. i’m very much into energies and vibes so when i felt that energy, i knew it was not for me. but adulting and responsibilities that need money. the job isn’t at all what was in the job description and in all honesty, i felt so defeated. i don’t want to go on about this but i got to thinking, is it ever a good idea to push for something that’s so obviously not for you just to be temporarily comfortable? someone literally threw a ball at me on day 1. i’m an introvert —  working in an environment where i don’t get to nurture relationships as well as zone out and handle my work on my own ain’t for ya girl. i would like to think my sanity should come second to none but does that argument hold up when responsibilities are very real?

i’m trying to figure out how to value myself but still need do what i need to do.

until next time, Nneoma

side note: if i make it through day 2 i honestly deserve some type of award

update: i didn’t make it to day 2 🙃

welcome to frustration nation, population: 1

music minute no. 3?

hi hi

so basically something must be in the air because all musical faves are just delivering straight 🔥🔥🔥

so there i was minding my business watching IG stories when it happened. after a week or so of teasing imagery and snippets, Luke James decided to bless our ears and drop his single ‘Drip’.


goosebumps immediately pop up on my arm as he sings the first line. i have been a fan since randomly watching his ‘I Want You’ video years ago and he was SANGING. anyway, y’all know that i got my entire life from his husky falsetto. it’s a groove that i honestly feel with every chord from that bass guitar in the background. by the time he gets into the chorus, its clear this is a whole vibe. that falsetto, the funk seeping through, his voice literally feels like it’s dripping as he plays with between a falsetto and his regular voice. his voice literally feels like it’s dripping throughout the track.

“feeling on your booty but i’d rather feel your soul” when i tell y’all i clutched my imaginary pearls and proceeded to get my life from that one line. honestly the song could have ended right there and ya girl would have been A ok with that. A1!

AND THE LYRIC VIDEO, i still think music videos are very vital and really are an art in its own right. you get to see what the artist envisioned for the song and it really does bring it to life that enriches the music even more.

if you can’t tell, this song has been on repeat for the past couple days because i needed to properly digest every melody, guitar riff, drum beat, every syllable he sang. i can’t wait for what’s next.

until next time, Nneoma

music minute no. 3?


i turned 24 on July 18th. now i’m someone who never does anything for her birthday. my last birthday function was when i was 17 and it was a surprise party courtesy of my mom, sister and best friend. the point is, i’m that person who doesn’t make a big deal out of my birthday. this year, i decided to switch it up and actually celebrate. so being a passive fan of all things extra, i had the idea of a 70’s skate party. do i know how to skate? lol hell nope but as far as i was concerned, it’ll be super cute and fun.
we get there and it was honestly as cute as i envisioned it would be. the vibe was so beautiful. there so much unity. when i tell y’all that there were legit olympic skaters there. they were doing flips, break dancing and all types of acrobatics. it looked like the olympic skating meets roll bounce. they were just bopping and gliding to old school hits ( i was getting my entire life from the playlist) and in the midst of all that, i couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone in that room looked. no one has a care in the world, just being free and genuinely having so much fun. being able to be surrounded by my friends had me lowkey in all of my feelings. i’m just so grateful for them.

i have been thinking of what goals and affirmations i would like to have for this year. so here are some of them

  • i will have financial stability
  • i will get a space of my own
  • i am capable and able to achieve anything i put my mind to
  • i am grateful in advance for all the blessings that i will receive and the ones i have now

thank you so much to everyone that reads, subscribes or even quickly glances through. i appreciate it all.

until next time, Nneoma

shoutout to @antdray on IG for these beautiful pictures.


few things

hey hey,

it’s been a while. there have been so many changes since the last time we spoke.

i have an adult job so ya girl’s getting those checks.

i’m currently rebuilding this site. i really would like it to build up a little community. it’s still scary put yourself out there but here i am. there are times when i really want to write but if i don’t feel connected to what i’m writing then it’s immediately canceled so bare with me. i will try and be more consistent even if it’s just a quick write up of random things that i am dealing with, i will post.

quick shoutout to friends and loved ones that support when you think no one is looking. you’re so deeply appreciated.

until next time, Nneoma

(working on a signature that sounds authentically me)

few things

remember me? 

i know it’s been a long ass time while. to be completely honest, I have been going through a bit of a funk that refuses to let up. i also doubt my writing a lot. i have been trying to be more vulnerable and open about my current struggles in adulting so here we go…

it’s been a lot.

i’m coming up on 2 years post graduation and i’m no where near where i envisioned myself. i remember senior year and being so ready to graduate and the fancy job and security i imagined for myself. mind you i had a very vague idea of what i wanted to do but nonetheless the plan was to hit the ground running and don’t stop until i reach all these goals. reality didn’t agree and to be honest looking back, i am grateful about that (some of it). i honestly can say that i had no idea what career i would like until a year ago. so while the freelancing is very annoying especially for someone like me who needs to have some sort of security ALWAYS, i am grateful about my experiences so far. am i beyond frustrated with not knowing what comes next? the answer is a quick yes.

the hardest part about not being where you envisioned for yourself is when family members start to ask questions. while it is always well-intentioned, nobody can make you feel shittier (especially when you’re already down) about a very shitty situation like family. there’s the questioning, the reoccurring ‘suggestion’ that maybe you’re doing something wrong and my personal favorite, the shady comments. everyday i struggle with remaining positive (you can only be so positive when you get rejection letters from a job posting you filled out months ago) and putting out good energy and its all so exhausting.

anyway this past weekend, I went away to the Poconos for one of my really good friend’s birthday. a lot of chilling, laughter and much needed space from everything. although my allergies made a quick appearance towards the end of the trip, I desperately needed the change in scenery. i left the weekend feeling energized and slightly optimistic about all the changes, good and not so good, that comes my way.

Nei and Shawn are forever my muses. they both killing it in their careers and i am beyond proud of them



much needed escape with these lovelies


here’s to changes, the good and the not so good



remember me? 

still pending…

With all that’s going on in the world at large and all the changes and uncertainties in my personal life, staying present and sane is a lot easier said than done.

I have been struggling a lot with uncertainties mainly  with my professional future. It’s important to note that ya girl hates hates HATES not having an idea what comes next. I’m the kind of person who likes needs to know what to expect in order to properly prepare ESPECIALLY when it comes to work. Well apparently you can’t really control everything so i have finally mastered the art of accepting that.

So here I am,  back to square one in a sense but more focused than ever on where i actually want to go professionally (than i have ever been). I laid out my plan (it’s pretty nice might i add) and currently putting in the working and praying that all the dots connect soon enough.

It’s the having faith part that’s hard. I’m constantly putting out good thoughts and praying that everything that is meant for me will happen but there’s always that little hint of doubt that wants to always prepare for the worst just in case.

Still working on it and praying good things into my future.



still pending…