Hi, My Name is…

So unless you’ve been living under a very large rock, Black Panther has taken the world by storm and it’s not letting up anytime soon. I have seen it 3 times already and plan on seeing a couple more. I can go on and on about how in love I am with the film, all the themes discussed, the scenery and the beautiful cast. It was so beautiful to see us on the big screen in all our power, beauty and our complexities. It was such a powerful and validating moment to see people who looked like me doing the damn thing.

There was a recurring theme of identity throughout the film that really resonated with me. T’Challa and Killmonger’s characters and their philosophies about identity really brought the conversation between the continent and the diaspora to the main stage. Ryan Coogler’s ability to give humanity to each characters’ point of view in a way that was refreshing especially for a Marvel film.

I lived in Nigeria from the ages of 4 to 7 while there I went to school, learned how to read and speak in my mother tongue, Igbo. Even while there, I still recall never feeling Nigerian enough because I was born in America. Eventually, I moved back and I remember being 7 and wanting more than anything, to fit in. On my first day, I remember being excited to start school and have tons of friends like I did back home. My parents, sister and a counselor introduced me to my class and I recall the giddy anticipation. My second-grade teacher, Ms. Batagllia, struggled a bit with my name as told by her screwed up face and mispronounced my name. KNEE-O-MA. My 7-year-old self was confused but didn’t speak up. I accepted this way of pronouncing my name even if it didn’t feel right. I was the odd girl out who just wanted to fit in.

Fast forward through a very uncomfortable period of time featuring me trying desperately to get rid of my accent and fit in. I stopped speaking Igbo for reasons I can’t even understand now. I was ashamed and so desperately wanted to be ‘normal’. I can go on and on with stories of me struggling with my identity as a Nigerian American while existing as a Black woman, it was a whole mess. I didn’t come to appreciate being Nigerian until I was 14 and went to the annual Ngwa Convention (Ngwa is a part of Igboland that my family is from). Being able to finally see the beauty of my people and our culture was everything and that’s what Black Panther felt like. Seeing different parts of the continent in all its glory. Getting to relearn and appreciate my identity in its entirety has been a journey that I wouldn’t trade for the world.

Watching de Black Pantha (Forrest Whittaker’s accent ftw!) has been such a moment of pride and a full circle moment. Being able to identify parts of Africa in the scenery, the characters clothing, to the traditions, was such an overwhelming source of joy. I was that girl in the theater crying because I finally saw my people in all their greatness and it was nothing short of awesome.

My name is Nneoma (NNOH-MAH)

until next time, 




Be Intentional

Happy New Years y’all! We’ve made it to yet another year and although things aren’t at all how i want it to be, i’m so grateful for it all.

this time of year, people usually make their resolutions of the things they want to change for the new year. i actually stopped making resolutions a while back but i’m all for making intentions. intentions, to me, are (wait for it) intentional. they are more deliberate and direct than resolutions. i usually set my intentions right after meditating and being very clear in what i want and make steps to accomplish said intentional. it’s super important to make those steps because it allows/makes me be mindful of working towards my intention.

i set all my intentions while in awe at the moon and making sure i wrote it down in my journal. honestly the full moon on NYE was everything and i felt so hopeful and extremely happy despite how much things aren’t seemingly how i want it to be in this very moment. it’s funny how we have all these thoughts and ideas of what our best life should look like. this past year has taught me to be ok if and when i don’t get that perfect present i had hoped for. being able to be ok with the unknown is honestly the most freeing feeling. it feels like the smell of fresh rain on summer day. or that could be just me lol

anyway, let’s make this a really good year we can look back and be proud of all the growth. be very intentional with all your personal goals and be relentless about achieving them.

until next time,


so here we are..

day 7- 28|

hey hey,

so i kind of disappeared. December was a really hard month. there’s been a lot of ups and downs (more downs than ups) that i have been navigating through. i had to relearn that even though good and bad times are temporary, it’s ok to not be ok in the now. so i have been trying to give myself the space to not be ok, hence my disappearance (i didn’t want to be here complaining everyday). it’s always interesting how old lessons make their way back into the present.

it is December so of course all the cheeriness wasn’t exactly the best when all the turmoil was going on. i completely understand why the Grinch wasn’t about it. i have never been so over Christmas music as i was by December 2nd (it was bad).

as i have gotten older, i have a deeper appreciation for my family. being able to be around my family for the holidays was exactly what i needed. there was so much love that i didn’t realize how much i needed to be around. we spent the day cooking, eating and laughing all in our PJs.

i’m trying to finish the year strong, whatever that means. this was such a hard post to write.

until next time,


why can’t we have nice things?: a Game of Thrones rant

|day 6|

edit: i furiously wrote this when GOT season 7 finale aired and was heated but never posted. i have been excited following all my favorite GOT/ASOIAF blogs on everything season 8 so i had to post. enjoy

on Sunday August 27th, the season 7 finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones premiered. after seasons of war, the viewers finally see the major players in the game of thrones finally meet and come together against the Night King and the army of the dead. we see Dany and Jon get it popping, Littlefinger meets his end, Viserion (RIP, my guy) gets the army of the dead past the wall, Samwell takes credit for Gilly’s discovery and Theon finally steps up. lots of explosive discoveries and as usual twists and turns, cool.

but ya girl couldn’t get past one little detail. so in a very well placed scene of Bran and Samwell’s conversation about Rheagar and Lyanna’s love while Jon and Dany finally bump skins, Sam reveals that Jon is legitimate because his parents got married. Bran in turn, reveals that Jon’s real name is Aegon. Aegon Targaryen. AEGON TARGARYEN. either Rheagar (the real Rheagar not the one they presented to us with that horrid wig) is even messier than we all thought or Dan and David thought we wouldn’t notice. either way, i want to fight. allow me to go full nerd.

now, if we remember or not, Rheagar was married to Elia Martell of Dorne (sister to one of my favorite characters, Oberyn (RIP my guy). anyway they were married and had two children who in the show meet an unfortunate ending (in the books, the little boy lives thanks to Varys’ sneaky ways). cool. now in the books, Dany has a vision of her brother, while in the house of the undying, talking about the Prince who was promised would come through his lineage. In this vision, Dany doesn’t know what Rheagar is talking about or who he is talking to but notes that he looked like Viserys.  Now if he was talking to Lyanna, it makes sense because fire and ice. so with little Aegon from poor Elia Martell, who’s only crime was loving Rheagar, why in the name of the old gods and the new would Rheagar go off and name his child with Lyanna, Aegon. why!? he didn’t add any surname, let’s not act like he couldn’t call the kid some other Targaryen name and keep it pushing. i’m still waiting on answers from GRRM because Dan and David have been remixing GOT since season 2 and i am sick of it. They have written off entire characters, plots and regions (quick shoutout to the Summer Isles and actual Dorne) but this is tew much.

luckily it’s not coming back until 2019 and while i will be perched and ready to be stressed out, i am patiently waiting on GRRM to answer all my questions because Dan and David won’t.

also i’m not satisfied with the actor they chose to play Rheagar, (hence the featured image) he was supposed to be beautiful with gorgeous hair and a constant solemn look on his face. homie’s wig was all wrong, he didn’t look like he was in constant deep thought. A whole war started because he choose Lyanna, at least let his portrayal be a complete baddie 

until next time, 


welcome to frustration nation, population: 1

one of my favorite bloggers, Breanna from Where She Begins says that part of adulting is doing things you don’t want to do, i’ll add to that, adulting is doing things you don’t want to do and adapting anyway. my contract position didn’t work out. The word frustration doesn’t describe how i feel, but here i am, attempting to adapt and be on my big girl.

well there was an attempt made today…

you ever walk into something and just know its not for you. that was today. i walked into this office and immediately felt off. i’m very much into energies and vibes so when i felt that energy, i knew it was not for me. but adulting and responsibilities that need money. the job isn’t at all what was in the job description and in all honesty, i felt so defeated. i don’t want to go on about this but i got to thinking, is it ever a good idea to push for something that’s so obviously not for you just to be temporarily comfortable? someone literally threw a ball at me on day 1. i’m an introvert —  working in an environment where i don’t get to nurture relationships as well as zone out and handle my work on my own ain’t for ya girl. i would like to think my sanity should come second to none but does that argument hold up when responsibilities are very real?

i’m trying to figure out how to value myself but still need do what i need to do.

until next time, Nneoma

side note: if i make it through day 2 i honestly deserve some type of award

update: i didn’t make it to day 2 🙃


i turned 24 on July 18th. now i’m someone who never does anything for her birthday. my last birthday function was when i was 17 and it was a surprise party courtesy of my mom, sister and best friend. the point is, i’m that person who doesn’t make a big deal out of my birthday. this year, i decided to switch it up and actually celebrate. so being a passive fan of all things extra, i had the idea of a 70’s skate party. do i know how to skate? lol hell nope but as far as i was concerned, it’ll be super cute and fun.
we get there and it was honestly as cute as i envisioned it would be. the vibe was so beautiful. there so much unity. when i tell y’all that there were legit olympic skaters there. they were doing flips, break dancing and all types of acrobatics. it looked like the olympic skating meets roll bounce. they were just bopping and gliding to old school hits ( i was getting my entire life from the playlist) and in the midst of all that, i couldn’t help but notice how happy everyone in that room looked. no one has a care in the world, just being free and genuinely having so much fun. being able to be surrounded by my friends had me lowkey in all of my feelings. i’m just so grateful for them.

i have been thinking of what goals and affirmations i would like to have for this year. so here are some of them

  • i will have financial stability
  • i will get a space of my own
  • i am capable and able to achieve anything i put my mind to
  • i am grateful in advance for all the blessings that i will receive and the ones i have now

thank you so much to everyone that reads, subscribes or even quickly glances through. i appreciate it all.

until next time, Nneoma

shoutout to @antdray on IG for these beautiful pictures.

few things

hey hey,

it’s been a while. there have been so many changes since the last time we spoke.

i have an adult job so ya girl’s getting those checks.

i’m currently rebuilding this site. i really would like it to build up a little community. it’s still scary put yourself out there but here i am. there are times when i really want to write but if i don’t feel connected to what i’m writing then it’s immediately canceled so bare with me. i will try and be more consistent even if it’s just a quick write up of random things that i am dealing with, i will post.

quick shoutout to friends and loved ones that support when you think no one is looking. you’re so deeply appreciated.

until next time, Nneoma

(working on a signature that sounds authentically me)