guess who’s back back back, back again gain gain (Music Minute #4)

First off, shout out to any and everyone who gets the T-Boy reference.


I’m back with another music minute, this time by way of UK group 808Ink. I went through a period of time when I was really into UK shows and music so this was very much appreciated. anyway, Sometimes my Spotify Discover Weekly comes with the hits and other times not so much, this week my playlist was not letting up. I have now listened to Suede Jaw countless times because I have officially lost count. The sound is reminiscent of ’90s house laced with harmonizing vocals and a simple bass beat. Their voices ride over the beat and you honestly can’t help but hit a shoulder shimmy. It feels very middle of summer house party when you’re having a grand ol’ time and walk outside to the smell of summer and under a clear sky and feeling the gentle subtle warm breeze or the song you two-step with a cute stranger. (i miss not being cold if you can’t tell).

I love a good sample so when I finally decided to venture through the rest of ‘Billy’s Home’, and heard Crooked. Bad, it immediately caught my attention. It’s a lot grittier than Suede Jaw. Mumblez is commanding your attention as 808Charmer’s beats sear through. and then it happened, I heard the faint slightly faded loop of Jai Paul’s Jasmine in the middle of their Crooked. Bad, I almost my mind. like I said, I love a good sample.

I appreciate everything about this group. they have a very distinct sound and look that commands attention. y’all they make really cool music videos. MUSIC VIDEOS ARE IMPORTANT AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS SUCH. one thing I really appreciate music that allows you to escape into a specific feeling and that’s exactly how their music does.

check it out: listen here and here

until next time,



music minute no. 3?

hi hi

so basically something must be in the air because all musical faves are just delivering straight 🔥🔥🔥

so there i was minding my business watching IG stories when it happened. after a week or so of teasing imagery and snippets, Luke James decided to bless our ears and drop his single ‘Drip’.


goosebumps immediately pop up on my arm as he sings the first line. i have been a fan since randomly watching his ‘I Want You’ video years ago and he was SANGING. anyway, y’all know that i got my entire life from his husky falsetto. it’s a groove that i honestly feel with every chord from that bass guitar in the background. by the time he gets into the chorus, its clear this is a whole vibe. that falsetto, the funk seeping through, his voice literally feels like it’s dripping as he plays with between a falsetto and his regular voice. his voice literally feels like it’s dripping throughout the track.

“feeling on your booty but i’d rather feel your soul” when i tell y’all i clutched my imaginary pearls and proceeded to get my life from that one line. honestly the song could have ended right there and ya girl would have been A ok with that. A1!

AND THE LYRIC VIDEO, i still think music videos are very vital and really are an art in its own right. you get to see what the artist envisioned for the song and it really does bring it to life that enriches the music even more.

if you can’t tell, this song has been on repeat for the past couple days because i needed to properly digest every melody, guitar riff, drum beat, every syllable he sang. i can’t wait for what’s next.

until next time, Nneoma

two words, TAME IMPALA!

they were beyond amazing!

last week, i was fortunate enough to go to day 2 of Panorama in Randall Island Park and to be quite honest, i am still on that high a week later. many delays and some train rides later, my sister and i made it

chet faker, the visuals were on point.

just before Chet Faker (who was really good). we squeezed our way to the front (one of the few times being short pays off) and patiently waited for Tame Impala’s set.

the sunset was so beautiful

and then they came on and just blew my mind.

it was around 9, the sun was setting and they began with Nangs. my goodness! when i tell y’all that i was immediately transformed into another dimension. it was so good, being that close to the stage and feeling the music with the rest of the crowd. they performed songs from Currents, Innerspeaker and Lonerism. y’all THEY SOUND SO GOOD LIVE. THEY SOUND JUST LIKE THE RECORDING. it was honestly such an experience from the first cord that was played to the very last.

y’all, life was received in abundance

honestly one of the best performances i have been privileged to see. i literally felt like i was being transported through dimensions. the visuals were on point, i could literally feel the sounds, the weather was perfect btw because each time i would close my eyes, a soft wind would blow and it was honestly such a moment that i was so happy to experience.

so glad i was finally able to see them live in concert, it was truly amazing!

until next time, Nneoma

better late than never 

so i was really trying to stay consistent with my posting every Monday but the Met Gala happened last week and that was promptly canceled and yesterday i spent being anxious (y’all there are somethings in the works and i’m so excited)

but alas, ya girl is here for another music minute (i was working on another post that just didn’t feel right). so summer is basically here and my shifting playlist reflects that. so today’s music minute has 3 songs that have constantly been on repeat and i can’t get enough of it. I don’ t know about y’all but one of my favorite things about music is being able to pick up on something new each time I listen and that is definitely the case with these songs.

First up is How I Feel by Moods. This is a whole vibe and i love how very 2002-ish it sounds. I love songs that take my back to a time and this song reminds me of the days i would sneak to watch BET (you know when they played music videos and you never knew what you would see and my parents just loved to pop up each time i even thought of watching BET) and they had the music videos where the guy would chase his love interest through a semi crowded street with his group of friends who could all sing and dance while professing his love to her even though he just met her. It’s the perfect song to drive around with someone special or just vibe out by yourself.

Moods – How I Feel (Sam Wills)

Second is Run Away by L.A.X. is an Afrobeats song and as far as i’m concerned, its not summer without a good Afrobeats song. You can’t help but bust out that ugly dancing face as the beat starts to hit. The beat is just hypnotic and a mandatory wine is very called for. L.A.X.’s voice is very commanding as he’s asking for his interest to love him. Been pressing repeat ever since i stumbled across this one. this song is a whole bop.

L.A.X. – Run Away

Last but not least is I Want You by The Avila Brothers. you ever hear a song so good you cry, this is it (although to be fair, good music is one of the few things i’ll actually cry over) anyway, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF THIS SONG! ya girl loves a good sample and this song combines Marvin Gaye’s I Want You and Debarge’s Stay With Me. the second i heard the first line i knew i would love this song immediately. the production, the chilled out melody along with the smoothness of the vocals and the steady bass in the background. It’s so seductive and enticing and it makes you feel every part of the song and the vocals. my goodness,  YALL THIS IS A WHOLE VIBE. GET INTO IT AND BE BLESSED.

The Avila Brothers – I Want You

That’s it for now, quick shoutout to Spotify’s discover weekly for the constant gems.

music minute 

so ya girl is constantly obsessing over music so i felt it right that my little space on here reflect some of my current favorites.

so around last July-ish, i discovered Nonchalant Savant’s Mixed Signals and i am soooo in love with everything about this song. first off, issa vibe. second, i feel like this song exudes the effortless cool i can only hope to be. and the video, is just awesome and makes me want to be posted somewhere with the homies listening to music and looking like we don’t have responsiblities.

anyway the song was officially released on all music platforms a couple days ago (you know i love a song if actually waited for the finished version). listen and receive life in abundance.

Check out the video

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