why can’t we have nice things?: a Game of Thrones rant

|day 6|

edit: i furiously wrote this when GOT season 7 finale aired and was heated but never posted. i have been excited following all my favorite GOT/ASOIAF blogs on everything season 8 so i had to post. enjoy

on Sunday August 27th, the season 7 finale of HBO’s Game of Thrones premiered. after seasons of war, the viewers finally see the major players in the game of thrones finally meet and come together against the Night King and the army of the dead. we see Dany and Jon get it popping, Littlefinger meets his end, Viserion (RIP, my guy) gets the army of the dead past the wall, Samwell takes credit for Gilly’s discovery and Theon finally steps up. lots of explosive discoveries and as usual twists and turns, cool.

but ya girl couldn’t get past one little detail. so in a very well placed scene of Bran and Samwell’s conversation about Rheagar and Lyanna’s love while Jon and Dany finally bump skins, Sam reveals that Jon is legitimate because his parents got married. Bran in turn, reveals that Jon’s real name is Aegon. Aegon Targaryen. AEGON TARGARYEN. either Rheagar (the real Rheagar not the one they presented to us with that horrid wig) is even messier than we all thought or Dan and David thought we wouldn’t notice. either way, i want to fight. allow me to go full nerd.

now, if we remember or not, Rheagar was married to Elia Martell of Dorne (sister to one of my favorite characters, Oberyn (RIP my guy). anyway they were married and had two children who in the show meet an unfortunate ending (in the books, the little boy lives thanks to Varys’ sneaky ways). cool. now in the books, Dany has a vision of her brother, while in the house of the undying, talking about the Prince who was promised would come through his lineage. In this vision, Dany doesn’t know what Rheagar is talking about or who he is talking to but notes that he looked like Viserys.  Now if he was talking to Lyanna, it makes sense because fire and ice. so with little Aegon from poor Elia Martell, who’s only crime was loving Rheagar, why in the name of the old gods and the new would Rheagar go off and name his child with Lyanna, Aegon. why!? he didn’t add any surname, let’s not act like he couldn’t call the kid some other Targaryen name and keep it pushing. i’m still waiting on answers from GRRM because Dan and David have been remixing GOT since season 2 and i am sick of it. They have written off entire characters, plots and regions (quick shoutout to the Summer Isles and actual Dorne) but this is tew much.

luckily it’s not coming back until 2019 and while i will be perched and ready to be stressed out, i am patiently waiting on GRRM to answer all my questions because Dan and David won’t.

also i’m not satisfied with the actor they chose to play Rheagar, (hence the featured image) he was supposed to be beautiful with gorgeous hair and a constant solemn look on his face. homie’s wig was all wrong, he didn’t look like he was in constant deep thought. A whole war started because he choose Lyanna, at least let his portrayal be a complete baddie 

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The Woes of a Book Reader

Targaryen-Fleet-6x10-7As the premiere of season 7 of Game of Thrones nears (35 days fyi), i’m anxiously reminded that Winds of Winter has yet to be released and i have alot of feelings about it.

I frantically read all 5 books before season 6 was released and finally finished last November (shoutout to my valiant effort, i got to book 4 before season 6 premiered so that counts for something). i completely fell in love with the book series and was transformed from a casual fan to an obsessed fanatic (i may or may not be part of several forums). you’re completely engrossed in each character’s point of view and find yourself lost in their worlds. the writing is so rich. every detail is so vividly illustrated through GRRM’s words and it’s arguably one of the best series i have read. each time i would return to the real world, i immediately wanted to fight because so much of the books was completely different the show. THEY EVEN CHANGED HOW THE CHARACTERS LOOK! HOW THE CHARACTERS LOOK TELLS YOU WHO THEY ARE AND WHAT HOUSE THEY BELONG TO (book one was the most parallel to season 1). so many other characters, subplots, different locations, every detail matters in the world of Westeros and i’m very proud to say i became that person. you know, the person who screams ‘that never even happened in the book’ at the TV (the main reason why i refused to watch the Harry Potter movies after i read all the books).

so the new season is coming and since George RR Martin has yet to bless us with Winds of Winter, ya girl is anxious because most of last season didn’t have a book to rely on and this season will be the same. A Dance with Dragons left off with Jon ‘bae’ Snow being stabbed by Bowen Marsh and some other black brothers after he let wildlings over to their side of the wall, shit is getting real in Dorne, Dany is going through it after being stranded in the middle of nowhere while Drogon is doing him, Arya is learning shit in Braavos, Sansa is on her grown and finally smart. Lady Stoneheart is outchea murking any and every one that has ever done her or Robb wrong and of course Cersei is plotting revenge after her lovely stroll through the city (man, the writing in the book during that scene was perfection, you almost feel bad for her), Tyrion along with Jorah Mormont and Penny are slaves and through Tyrion’s cunning, they are headed for Dany, Arianne and Doran Martell been plotting (unfortunately that plot goes left)  Varys is clearing the way for Aegon the other Targaryen that magically doesn’t exist in the show! AEGON LIVES and is about to come all the way through! basically a lot is happening at the end of A Dance with Dragons and the show doesn’t cover it and i have no idea what this new season will bring because THERE IS NO WINDS OF WINTER!!!!!

ya girl is stressed and very much pressed and as much as i am so happy to have another season, i have no idea what to expect but trust and believe ya girl will be front and center on July 16th at 9pm EST, ready for David and Dan to ruin my life and thrust me into my feelings because i wouldn’t want it any other way.